The Llamas introduce themselves

noi lama


The ‘Officina dei Lama’ (Llamas’ workshop) is a cultural association whose principal objective is to help people to awaken their consciousness and lead them to be more aware of their lives. To this end, it intends to take care of people who decide to start this evolutional path supporting them in putting aside anger, pain, negative feelings and diseases.

The term ‘Lama’ in Tibetan is used to designate a (human) being with extraordinary qualities, to venerate a monk with a high level of spirituality.

The term ‘llama’ refers to the animal that lives in South America at the high altitude and, as you can imagine, more you go up more you are close to God. Symbolically, the llama represents abundance, strength and affection. They are extraordinary animals because they are at the same time tame and resilient when it comes to protecting themselves.

When it happens to dream one of them, it means we are trying to take an important decision, which implies strength, trust and resilience.

Our logo symbolizes the male-female contrast: two different essential sides of us in order to reach the harmony and the interior peace.

That is the reason why our association’s name is ‘Officina dei Lama’. A workshop of human beings with extraordinary qualities who tend to God, to the universal love in its entire beauty, by taking the evolutional path with strength and trust.